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She was married at the church, and she said goodbye to her parents there, too.

And so she felt like a piece of her was missing when she set eyes upon the charred remains of Greater Union, one of three predominantly black churches in St.

And so you’d have to wonder, where does this come from? ”Tamiko Chatman, 48, who is black and who was born and raised in Opelousas, said it has never been a place where black and white residents seemed to clash.

But people did not interact much across racial lines when she was growing up, she said.

Still, they have drawn the attention of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the F. I., which are assisting the Louisiana state fire marshal. crane had arrived at one of the churches to help process the scene.

It has a strong ecumenical church community, but events tend to draw either mostly white people or mostly black people, depending on which congregation is hosting.

And some community members still have problems with interracial relationships, said Clayre Savage, 19, who is white and who said her grandparents discouraged her from dating outside her race.

The blazes have evoked uneasy recollections of racist attacks on black churches across the country.

But parishioners and residents said they would also let the investigation unfold before making any judgments about what the fires might say about their community, which is just north of Lafayette.

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He had an usher place an empty chair next to his brown lectern, a seat for someone he called “Mr.

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