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Monson gave this council back in 1987 he wasn’t talking about online dating.Yet no truer words could be spoken when facing down our own personal Goliaths of being single and Mormon. While the first date is traditionally about getting to know someone to see if they’re worth pursuing with a second date, physical connection is important too, and everyone has a different level of comfort. It’s time to stop pretending that physical chemistry is not important in a relationship, even at the very beginning.You should always be mindful and prayerful about a person you are dating. Give respect and expect it in return and don’t break up on Valentine’s day.February 15 is a perfectly acceptable date to start anew. Here are seven rules that it’s absolutely time we forgot about. So screw the rules and figure out what works best for you and what you want and feel comfortable with, in the grand scheme of your love life.

If you smooch before you even go on a date, or wait until the second month for a kiss on the cheek, what does it matter?

Unlike your IKEA shelving unit, you will need other tools to help you in this journey: keep Gospel-centered standards, continue to spiritually progress, and don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from your divinity.

This is more of a safety warning to keep you from getting burned.

Besides, whatever you do or don’t do on a first, second, or third date should not dictate whether or not you’re “wife material,” and if it does, then you should not be dating that person anyways. While it’s absolutely fine not to want to intermix potential love interests with your friends and family, if you do want to invite the potential love interest you’ve been talking to on Bumble out to drinks with your friends, or your mom’s in town and you run into the guy you’ve been casually dating, do not panic!

We should be open about what we want and expect out of a relationship anyway, so introducing them to your family and friends should not be off-putting or confusing to them.

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Which means everyone else is doing the same exact thing.