Afraid of dating

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Afraid of dating

They are just as afraid of getting rejected, being hurt or possibly even not meeting another man to love.

They are bummed that, at this stage in their life, they are single and have to put themselves out there.

It’s a vexing issue that has plagued humankind–or at least womankind–for millennia: What really goes on in the mind of a man? These questions probably first came up in the Garden of Eden, when Adam blamed Eve for eating the apple and getting them evicted from Paradise. While it would take volumes to cover everything men want to tell women, here are six of the most prevalent things: “I am not afraid of commitment—I just need to be very, very sure.” It turns out that all this business about men being commitment-phobic is mostly myth.

And women have been asking the same question ever since.

That doesn’t mean these women aren’t scared as crap to be “on the market” again.(They were all around me; I just chose not to see them.) I started to believe it was real…and possible. Unlike Lori, I had to imagine how it would eventually feel. But we truly know each other, like and love each other. Are you willing to finally “go for it” even though you have some fear? But we came to the same conclusion: the reward of being loved by a good man far outweighed the risks of getting out there and unapologetically looking for love. Larry and I have been married for 11 years as I write this. We’re equally committed to our lasting partnership. (That’s after they deny for some that they have any fear. I know it was for me.) Would you be surprised to know the women who have been widowed after enjoying a good marriage find love (again) much quicker and with far less anxiety? These strong, magnificent women have been through such a horrible experience, yet most have far less hesitation about putting themselves out there again. When these smart, independent, accomplished women come to me for support, almost 100% admit that they are scared of dating.

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Women who have been widowed have already been through a terrible emotional ordeal. My private coaching client “Lori,” was in her fifties when her husband died, leaving her to raise her teenage son alone.

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