Akshay khanna dating

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Akshay khanna dating

That's how I ended up going on my first date with Mr Kundra." Apparently, she was hinting at her ex-boyfriend.She said, "I will have to dig it out from the grave." Later, Shilpa also revealed about her blind-dating and said, "There was this boy who would call me up every evening.

The couple got separated after rumors about Akshay dating Rekha became headlines.

With his charming style and Khiladi Adda, Akshay Kumar is known to take away breaths of many.

From one love story to another, the story of Akshay Kumar seems to be really interesting with so many love triangles.

The boy would call himself Mr X, and this blind-dating continued for nearly three or four months.

One fine day, I asked him to meet me at a bus stop, but he never showed up.

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