Alyson stoner and adam sevani dating

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Alyson stoner and adam sevani dating

Best known for her famous role in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, she wrote an emotional essay for Teen Vague.She described her experience in loving a woman she once met at a dancing workshop.This rising artist of Armenian and Italian descent is best known for playing Robert Alexander III (or "Moose") in the movies: Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D and Step Up: Revolution.Born Adam Manucharian on June 29, 1992, in Los Angeles, California, he first started dancing from a young age at the Synthesis Dance Center, the dancing studio set up by his parents.Adam and Alyson have been rumored to be dating at one point.

Nonetheless, she never revealed the name of her current lover.Their causal relationship began in 2010 while they were filming LOL film just after Miley called it quits with Liam Hemsworth.However, at the end of filming the movie, the two were reported to no longer be seeing each other.A tight-knit group of New York City street dancers, including Luke (Malambri) and Natalie (Vinson), team up with NYU freshman Moose (Sevani), and find themselves pitted against the world's best hip hop dancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever. So, in the movie we got astonishing dancers, outstanding choreography and so much color and visuals that its really a great watch, especially in 3D. If you're up for some insanity on the dancefloor, colorness and excitement, watch Step Up 3D.When Moose arrives at the second battle against Gwai aka the water dance, he rides his bike in and hits a water line, without wearing gloves, yet after running to his crew to start their line he has gloves the rest of the time. It will blow your mind off, and take the roof with it.

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when you see the choreography, how can you not love the movie? Some of the scenes are brilliant, watch out for the one briefly seen in the trailer, when Moose and Camille are dancing through the city. We also have some of the best (and i really mean the best) dancers from all around the world, starting with bboys and finishing with the finalists of SYTYCD. And, as a dancer, i had to pick up my dropped jaw from the floor after the movie. So, this movie is made for specific audience and as for it, isn't for everyone. We'll always have those who will bash this movie and see it as the worst ever made, but they're just haters.