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American expressions dating

Dizzee Rascal is a famous British rapper who uses a lot of modern slang in his music.There are also some helpful podcasts that you can listen to for more examples of how to use slang in conversation.A word that was commonly used in the ’80s or ’90s may sound dated (out of place) today.So when you look for slang, it is good to try to find recent examples.It is also often used to address strangers in informal situations, such as in bars or on public transport.It is particularly used between men (but not always).

Certain areas may have their own slang words that are not used in other areas where the same language is spoken.

Comedy is always a good place to look, as comedians like to play with words.“The Inbetweeners” is a popular British comedy show about a group of teenage boys that uses a lot of casual language.

For the same reason, slang appears often in British music, especially in pop, rap and hip hop.

It is often used when the friend or family member has done something particularly good or impressive.“That final goal was amazing, mate. However, inviting someone to go to the pub for a few sherbets is not an invitation to eat sweets, but an invitation to drink a few beers.

It is possible that this comes from the fizzy, frothy top on beers.“Do you fancy a few sherbets after work tonight?

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A similar word is “pal” (which is also used in American English).“What are you doing this weekend?