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James Eugene Campbell, Jr., Propria Persona, for Defendant and Appellant. At the beginning of the hearing, appellant told the court: “[M]y understanding is the [respondent] has chosen to be out of the country, knowing that the court date was today. ” “Ppl [people are] probably confused after u lying so much about me but then seeing how much love you had for me.”Appellant's statements to the trial court also showed that his relationship with respondent was more than just a friendship. 455.) Appellant has not demonstrated, as a matter of law, that the trial court erred in exercising its traditional power to draw reasonable inferences from the evidence.

Appellant “expressed an interest in moving forward in [the] relationship,” but respondent “informed [him] that [she] was not interested in moving forward ․, and [she] wanted to just be friends.” “One night, at am, [appellant] came to [respondent's] house, banging on the door and windows.” Thereafter, appellant repeatedly harassed respondent by sending text messages to her, posting her personal information and photos of her on Facebook, posting videos of her on You Tube, and sending “private messages to individuals sharing personal information about [her].” In text messages to respondent, appellant called her a “psycho evil witch” and “a compulsive liar” who had “lied” about him and “destroyed [his] life.”The matter was set for a hearing on February 19, 2015. Rptr.2d 191.) “We resolve all factual conflicts and questions of credibility in favor of the prevailing party and indulge all reasonable inferences to support the trial court's order. He accused her of “leading [him] on” while she was dating someone else.

Respondent, a professional cyclist, declared that she had “met [appellant] 21/212 years ago through cycling.” She had been friends with him for several months. In an email to appellant dated November 22, 2012, respondent said: “[T]hat hug in the doorway and your hand on my lower back felt good.” “[T]he moments we were close (either wrestling on the couch, or when you were laying in bed with me), seemed more platonic, versus romantic.” Respondent referred to “[t]he time we've both invested to build our relationship over the past 7 months, ․ strengthening our love and respect for each other.”In his communications with respondent after she had rebuffed his advances, appellant made clear that he considered their relationship to have been more than a mere friendship.

In addition to claiming that the parties did not have a dating relationship, appellant contends that the trial court (1) erroneously denied his motion to dismiss the case, (2) erroneously granted the restraining order because his conduct was nonviolent, and (3) violated his First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and expression. Factual and Procedural Background In March 2013 a Tennessee court issued a protective order requiring appellant to stay away from and have no contact with respondent. In January 2015 in the County of San Luis Obispo, respondent applied for a domestic violence restraining order against appellant. She complimented him on a kiss that he had given her.

Despite postponements (the original Steve Lillywhite sessions were scrapped and the quintet opted to work with producer Nick Raskulinecz of Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, and Rush fame), the release is a solid comeback — trading on Lee’s usual larger-than-life voice, crisp production, ferocious goth-metal guitars, strong melodies, and epic choruses.

It is an album filled with clear singles and, in Lee’s opinion, the best in the band’s career (read our review next week).

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I was feeling, ‘I’m the girl from Evanescence, with all these expectations and responsibilities all day long, every day, for the past 10 years, and I just need to be Amy, I need to be human, I need to feel …

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