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Aoki lee simmons dating

It’s important to remember where you came from to know where you’re going.

I look at her and that’s where I’m from and then she looks at me and sees in some ways that’s where she’s going," said Kimora.

"I definitely want to try designing, because I think that I might be good at it.

I take after my parents, so the ideal modeling job is for a brand or business that you own," Ming said.

Between her life as a model and a designer, Ming seemed to have very little time to spare for dating. Surprising everyone, the Instagram model showcased her boyfriend, Timaru, in June 2017.

Ming's favorite designer is Off-White and she loves the '90s athleisure trend, so it would make sense that a tube top, denim, chokers, and oversized jean jackets would be her go-to look—one that she says is often sourced from Instagram—and Kimora's old modeling days.

“I like to go back and look at my mom’s portfolio or old clips of her on the runway.

Modeling was different back then, clearly—but I still pick up some tips," Ming said.

The rarity of feeling at home at a fashion show isn't lost on Ming.

“I grew up on the runway, walking with my mom and sister at the end of every Baby Phat show during fashion week in New York," she said.

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As a daughter of supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons and Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons, she fell into superstardom early on. With a million followers on the social media giant, she boasts the title of an Instagram influencer. Like Kimora, she too wanted a life in the show-biz.

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