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Assyrian dating

If she approves, her general survey information will be offered to the potential match male in return, and so on for the following levels of personal information. The Assyrian Match Maker survey consists of around 150 questions having to do with basic information to more intimate topics.Questions are grouped into four categories: Basic, Curiosity, Courting, and Committing.Her parents are worried that she’s bringing shame to the family, and that her sisters’ chances of marrying someone in the community will be damaged. We spoke to them and explained why it’s wrong of them and their culture to be so repressive to the women in their community and that people should have the free will to decide who to date.What’s a good way to get her parents onboard with our relationship? We explained to them that while culture can be important, it shouldn’t get in the way of people’s personal freedoms.

To be honest it will be very difficult for you and mostly for her.

They’re not super onboard but they’re a little more supportive and are interested in learning more about Hindu and Indian traditions! I’d say just end it man, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Thanks again for all the help and I’ll keep you all posted. This is mostly her battle, but you can give her some cover. It is not necessarily because you’re Indian that it won’t work, but because you are not Assyrian.

Though, don’t take what I say too strictly since it may vary from one family to the other.

To be happy, keep your relationship hidden 🙂Firstly, is she a practicing Orthodox Christian? Don’t convert just for marriage because that would be so wrong.

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