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Astronomical dating

The last Bharata king mentioned in Atharvana Veda is Parikshit. It also corresponds well with Shrikant Talageri's conclusion that Mitanni civilization corresponds to Late Rig Vedic and not Pre Rig Vedic culture.The Mahabharata thus has a close affinity with the Vedic Samhita literature. This section will explore the methodology adopted for Vedic astronomical dating.The nakshatras hence form the numerical markings of the clock across which the second hand, minute hand and the hour hand of the clock traverses.

The absolute position of moon helps to point to a specific day.These are Aswini (Beta/Gamma Arietris), Bharani (35,39 &41 Arietris), Krittika (Pleiades), Rohini (Aldebaran), Mrigashira (Lambda Orionis), Ardra (Betelgeuse), Punarvasu (Castor & Pollux), Pushya (Cancri), Aslesha (Hydrae), Magha (Regulus), Purva Phalguni (Delta Leonis), Uttara Phalguni (Denebola), Hasta (Corvi), Chitra (Spica), Swati (Arcturus), Visaka (Librae), Anuradha (Beta Scorpionis), Jyesta (Antares), Mula (Lambda Scorpionis), Purva Ashada (Kaus ), Uttara Ashada (Nunki), Shravana (Altair), Dhanista (Delphini), Satabhisha (Sadachbia), Purva Bhadra(Alpha/Beta Pegasi), Uttara Bhadra (Gamma Pegasi) and Revati (Piscium). The position of Saturn, sun and moon can tell the year, month and day in a 30 year cycle. We would need something that moves much slower than Saturn.The following are the motion of the navagrahas across the nakshatras. The precession of equinox and solstice is the answer.The precession of equinox causes position of the sun to move during equinox or solstice by 1 nakshatra in approximately 1000 years.One last navagraha indicator that moves slower than Saturn is the retrograde motion of Mars.

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