Attitudes of college students toward interracial dating dating a cheeky girl

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Attitudes of college students toward interracial dating

Five-hundred and twenty-two respondents acknowledged an agree or disagree position on being open to interracial dating.

Five-hundred and eighty-three respondents reported that they had or had not dated interracially.

The results indicated that race and previous interracial dating experience was associated with college students' attitudes. This thesis is part of the collection entitled: UNT Theses and Dissertations and was provided by UNT Libraries to Digital Library, a digital repository hosted by the UNT Libraries.

The measure that is employed in the research in order to find out the correlation between age and attitudes towards interracial marriage is inter dating/marriage measure (IDMM). Interracial marriage is more likely for highly educated immigrants than for less-educated couples.

The IDMM measure conceptualized several important components of attitudes toward interracial marriage into measurement on the scale of 1 to 5 in order to assess ones' attitudes towards intermarriage. Scholars also conducted studies to show that an immigrant who lives in a heterogeneous environment has higher tendency to marry interracially (Betty 1990).

While there were no significant differences in sex (women vs men) or university rank (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) between those who were open to interracial involvements and those who were not, there were significant differences in regard to race, cohabitation experience, previous interracial dating experience and openness to cohabit. This finding was significant (p [is less than] .0000) suggesting that this difference would occur by chance less than one time in one hundred thousand.

Previous researchers have documented the greater acceptance of blacks versus whites for interracial relationships (Rosenblatt et al., 1995).

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Among the respondents, 63% were women; 37% were men.

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