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Avan jogia dating history

The been a lot of media buzz surrounding Ariana Grande’s personal life, especially since she suddenly got engaged last week to Pete Davidson!Given Ariana Grande’s dating history and he recent breakup with long-time beau Mac Miller, the news came as quite the shock.We're sure he has the chops and we can't fault him for sending in an audition tape, seeing as how Disney reportedly put out a call encouraging both Middle Eastern and Indian actors to audition for the role.

To announce her newfound love, Grande posted an adorable photo of herself and Davidson to Instagram, in which he’s holding her from behind and kissing her temple.Canadian actor, singer, and activist Avan Jogia was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on the 9 February 1992 to Mike Jogia and Wendy Jogia.His mother is of Welsh, English and German descent. Avan Jogia migrated from his hometown to California when he was of 17.It's not yet clear if Disney or director Guy Ritchie will attempt to rectify the story so that it more accurately depicts Middle Eastern culture entirely.The setting for the 1992 animated film, Agrabah, is an entirely fictional kingdom, but it is coded as being Middle Eastern in many respects, including the film's opening song, "Arabian Nights," which sets the tone for the entire story.

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He got his first break in acting in 2006, as Danny Araujo in A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story, directed by Oscar nominee Agnieszka Holland.

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