Bishop thomas weeks dating show

Posted by / 22-Oct-2019 00:59

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Today, I want to celebrate and honor the love of my life Bishop Thomas Weeks III, as we celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary on .

Of course, because of jealousy and envy at our union and future some have tried to send challenges that never wanted to see our marriage make it pass 6 months.

Well, I guess God had other plans for me and I appreciate your persistent love, kindness and friendship and now we are “Team Weeks! First, I want to thank God over 6 1/2 years ago that he allowed me to find you, the wife that I thought never could exist.

Your beauty, style, wisdom, gravitas, genius, God passion, unique ministry mantle, mind blowing teaching, powerful preaching and so much more – humbles me everyday I awake – to thank you for coming into my life and bringing me back to life!

You have been an awesome protector and helped me see how as my wonderful father loved my beautiful mother with great character and passion you have done the same with me and more.

My dad, mom and brother all feel they have gained a son and a brother not an in law.

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