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She wore a shirt that was unbuttoned with her breasts barely hidden. Glen hesitated, but really wanted to see Lauren orgasm. Lauren scooted down to give better access to the camera. Glen began to wiped off his hands with a towel when a message popped up. "Yes." She typed and then started putting on the show. He moved the cam towards his cock and began to stroke it. The toy teased the lips of her pussy, starting along the opening. There were a few woman, but the Reagan mask didn't keep them for more than a few seconds. He was about to shut it down when he saw a woman on the cam. -You only made up for the other night when you left me high and dry. Unlike most woman, her cam was focused on her chest instead of face. The purple toy traced along the heart shaped pubic hair before moving down between her thighs. Lauren's toy still moved in and out of her, though now at a languid pace. He noticed that Lauren had her robe back on and the toy was nowhere to be found. They guys all started laughing and giving him the bird as Glen cursed and closed the site. He disconnected his cam and felt disappointment war with frustration at the lack of release. Sure enough he had almost two minutes of that beautiful naked body undulating on cam. It was on the second time through that he made his discovery. Lauren's breasts were, perhaps a tad bigger and the curve of the hip more defined. She immediately grabbed it, but held it hesitantly with her right hand. She twisted the bottom of the toy and began moving her toy slowly along her cleavage. Lauren reached toward the cam and angled it further down.

Glen's cock began to harden as he saw it was a graduation pic of a young brunette, dressed in a graduation robe, with her two parents proudly beaming into the camera. She was a few inches shorter than his own 6'1" frame, slim with great legs. -And why would one of your sisters want to see you naked? -Now that's not nice at all, but I'll let it drop for now. She started to type something, but thought better of it because both hands returned to her chest. They bulged towards the camera and Glen felt his own cock begin to respond.

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The excitement built as we moved to the last picture. Sex with her had always been fun and she didn't mind when he shared his fantasies, but she rarely put forth any of her own. Glen decided it was time to stop the chatting and get more material recorded.

In it, two women with arm in arm smiled at the camera. That meant that the woman dancing for him on cam was his sister-in-law, Lauren. He looped the video and pleasured himself to the hot body of the twenty-two year old Lauren. How many cocks did you get hard and then leave them high and dry? You are welcome to make sure your face isn't visible if you are afraid I'll record. And now that she was just starting in a law firm, she spent too many hours in the office and brought too much work home. I want you to start playing with your tits, just like you were over the weekend. But unlike the other night, the motions lacked the excitement and fluidity of motion.

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He would have finished earlier, but he found himself jacking off to the vision of his sister-in-law more times than he had since teenager. Glen tried to think through the situation and finally wrote a response. She had even taken to drop time share brochures from various places around the country and the world, knowing that he loved seeing new places.