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Though Book of Mormon readers cannot have complete faith in radiocarbon dating outcomes, they should keep that point in mind as they attempt to correlate Mesoamerican historical events with the events of the Book of Mormon.

Where such dating comparisons can be made, today’s correlations between Mesoamerican records of events and the Book of Mormon record of comparable events offer intriguing outcomes about the credibility of the Book of Mormon.

In the second instance, for whatever reason, I believed that “created,” as in “God created the heaven and the earth,” meant what it said: God “created” the earth out of nothing.

In fact, my Catholic catechism taught me as follows: “What is God?

The process, called radiocarbon dating, has altered the study of archaeology forever.

Today, all archaeologists, including those working at sites in Mesoamerica, routinely apply the techniques of radiocarbon dating as they examine evidence from archaeological digs in the form of such things as charcoal, wood, seeds, bones, leather, mud and sediment, pollen, hair, pottery, wall paintings, textiles, fish remains, insect remains, antlers, and so forth in determining dates associated with a particular archaeological site.[3]Is radiocarbon dating foolproof and infallible? The process has many limitations, but it is continually being refined.

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Another 5,730 years elapse to decay half of the remaining half of carbon 14—and so on to infinity.