Brandon beemer dating nadia Dating personals reunion

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We’ve read a number of interviews with Brandon and one characteristic that shines through is how humble he is.

Here’s a You Tube interview of Brandon for Believe it or not, Brandon is a fairly private guy.

It’s true that she dated the actor who was 25 years older than her.

The 25 years age gap led them to break up the same year.

A refreshing attribute in an age where so many celebs use whatever excuse they can to grab headlines.

Nadia is not only known for her talent and acting skills, but also for her love affairs and relationships. She has been in a number of relationships till now.

He’s not one to grab the spotlight or throw himself into controversies.

When you look at the totality of his career and the interviews he’s given over the past 10-15 years, it’s fairly clear he’s selective about what information he shares with the public.

They began dating each other back in 2000 and later, something dramatic happened in their relationship which led them towards separation in 2001.

Their relationship began in early 2003 and ended with a breakup in 2004.

Her fantasies and thoughts about relationships ended her another affair. Nadia continued her search which led her fall in love with the handsome American actor, James Stevenson. She was serious about her relationship at that time.

According to his IMDb file, he worked as a truck driver for the Coca Cola bottling plant in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Wouldn’t you have loved to see him delivering soda pop to your local grocer?

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She didn’t stop with her first breakup and she decided to move on.

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