Brian regan golf dating

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Brian regan golf dating

But you know where it all went wrong was the day they started the spelling bee.

I was watchin' the news the other day, and I heard them talking about a criminal named Brian Regan same spelling and everything. So I'm sitting there doing a crossword puzzle and all of a sudden I hear, "It is unknown whether the charges against Brian Regan will lead to his execution." "Guess I can put this down. " I would have been a lot better off if I’d studied more when I was growing up, y’know. Then I get on, and move two plates, you know like: CLANK!

I don’t know how that’s possible that the directions are longer than one. Whoever the salesman is for cranberries is doing a great job.

" I’m lookin’ at the Pop-Tarts box and I notice they have directions on there. They have toaster directions, which, I’m not makin’ this up, the toaster directions are longer than one step. ” I don't know what in the hell's going on with cranberries, but they're getting in all the other juices.

But if they don't have grape it's like alright its fine, cause cherry's favorite anyway.

favorites, so either one is good, but if they have both, I'll get grape, because grape is a little more favorite. "Hey, Brian move that way a little." "Okay." I don't know what gave him the authority to tell me that.

I knew they were havin' one just thought maybe we could talk about it, if you want." Have you ever guessed someone's gender wrong? You just gotta move on, 'cause you ain't wigglin' out of anything.

I don't know I don't know." I'm afraid if I get it off by an eighth of a second I'll get these big, hubble coming attraction glasses. Whoever the salesman is for cranberries is doing a great job. " Well it's a new communication device that's untethered which will enable the troops to speak effectively when they're in the field. I believe the rule is, don't guess at that ever ever eve. Why don't you take your sales trophy and have a vacation. Listen, if you need to zap-fry your Pop Tarts before you head out the door, you might want to loosen up your schedule.

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I met this woman, I could've sworn she was pregnant, let me tell ya'.