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Carter is taking a break from the drama after the birth of her first child, Otis, while Pollard is off to the US.

Carter’s departure presents a quandary for a series that has built its name around the Mc Leod women.

There's no way he could have sired any offspring and she and Tess realise they've been had.

Show of Love (air date: 2004-03-31) Alex is taken by surprise when his first love, Tracey Morrison, arrives at Killarney.

When Claire plunged to her death in 2003, sending Kleenex sales soaring and the Channel 9 switchboard into meltdown, Tess was left to carry on the family legacy alone.

Mc Leod’s Daughters’ golden couple, Nick (Myles Pollard) and Tess (Bridie Carter), will hit the road in June in what will be the biggest cast shake-up the series has seen.

Double Dealing (air date: 2004-02-18) Tess is disconcerted to learn Stevie can 'read' her so well whilst playing poker.

Stevie finds herself set up as prime suspect for 'borrowing' Sandra's bull, Crusher, after agreeing to transport him for Sandra and settle the outstanding debt between them.

Carter has been acting since the age of six and started her first classes at the Bouverie Street Theatre in Carlton, Melbourne.

She graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 1994.

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She's come a long way since their days together on the rodeo circuit - she's now the manager of a highly successful and huge scale 'wild west' rodeo style show, and she's allegedly in town to scout for new talent.