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More than almost anybody else, I’ve been able to let him see the depths of my heart.He knows my struggles and my wants in my walk with Christ.• Get together some friends for small group prayer – finding time to pray in a group and help set the level of shared intimacy between everyone.• Go to youth group together – spend time being challenged and praying with other people your age.Be aware of where the relationship is heading and what level of intimacy is appropriate. Prayer between couples can form a very powerful bond.Before you jump right in and start praying with each other – it’s okay to ask yourself, am I going to marry this person?We’ve been through good time, bad times, great times, and terrible times, but through all of that we’ve been committed to Christ and to each other as friends.That level of commitment and trust opens the door for a greater level of intimacy, especially through prayer.

A huge component to what I believe is a successful relationship is being on the same page spiritually as the person you are with.This kind of vulnerability with God might be too much to share with a boyfriend or girlfriend unless you are certain that the relationship is going to end in marriage.Being that open with someone who you are just dating can make the relationship cloudy and harder to end the relationship if it’s not heading toward marriage. It happens with each glance, small touch, kind word, and inside joke you quietly laugh about when you’re around others.If you’re only intimate before and during sex, you’re missing out… If you’re too busy to be around each other often, a lifestyle change is due.

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However, unless know that you’re going to marry your boyfriend or girlfriend it can be dangerous to spend intimate prayer time together.

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