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This property indicates whether all required inputs have been entered into the input mask.

The Mask Completed property can be useful when it comes to validating the data. This property indicates whether all required and optional inputs have been entered into the input mask.

Use this event when you want to react to invalid input: This event occurs when Masked Text Box has finished parsing the current value using the Validating Type property.

Use this event in order to react to when a type validation fails or succeeds.

Use the Text Mask Format if you need to modify the format of the string that is returned by the Text property of the Masked Text Box control.

The value returned may include formatting characters specified in the Mask property.

See the Text Mask Format property for more information.

An example mask for a US phone number is a follows: (999) 000-0000 In this mask the first three digits are optional and the last seven are required.

The parentheses are considered Literals, which means the user cannot altered them.

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This property sets the string governing the input for this control. Use the Mask property to limit the textbox’s input to a specific format.