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This obviously leaves out other views of the house, but it’s a great way to experience the voyeur cam thing. After spending so much time on typical sex cam sites and interacting with the performers, I wasn't sure the whole “voyeur“ thing would be interesting enough.

I can easily lose track of time on Camarads, browsing all the cams of people just living their lives.So I think it’s safe to assume that as much as you might enjoy watching half-naked couples just chilling on the couch, you really want to see them getting it on!While the living room and kitchen are usually just for seeing them walking around naked, when they get into the bedroom, bathroom or lounge areas, don’t be surprised if you see some cuddling that eventually turns into wild sex.Trust me, you never know when a couple is going to wake up in the middle of the night, feel frisky and start fucking right then and there.Good thing these cams are equipped with night vision!

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And based on the languages I’ve heard them speaking (not that I understand anything) that seems to hold true.