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CAPRICORN-CANCER SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY Sexually, Capricorn and Cancer are among the best matched star signs, their strong yin-yang polarity giving them the potential to complete each other like two halves of a perfect whole! For cool and collected Capricorn, the challenge is to warm up a little and show more sensitivity – while the vulnerable, and sometimes overly clingy, Crab has to learn to let go of its fears and insecurities and be more prepared to trust.But since Capricorn is probably the most dependable of all the star signs, surely that's not too hard!CAPRICORN-CANCER COMPATIBILITY OVERVIEW As far as love compatibility is concerned, this combination is traditionally considered to be rather exciting!When two people are born under opposite Star Signs, such as Capricorn and Cancer, there’s often a strong attraction between them because they’re magnetically drawn to qualities and traits in each other which perfectly complement their own.In a long-term relationship, emotionally needy Cancer has to accept it's unlikely ever to be successful in curbing the careerist Goat's workaholic tendencies; in turn, Capricorn – a big social climber who needs to be seen in all the right places – has to come to terms with the shy Crab's reluctance to leave home and hearth.

Both have a strong respect for traditional beliefs and ways of going about things, and both are ready to draw on guidance from the past in tackling contemporaneous issues.Because neither Cancer nor Capricorn are particularly progressive in their thinking, they’re not keen on new-fangled ideas which might prove risky, preferring tried and tested methods they know are reliable and safe.These two are cautious-minded people – and at times perhaps rather overly so.The elements are in agreement, and the qualities are the same; the planets can work well together to help balance and refine your emotional natures.This is a great start, and with more knowledge and some understanding this relationship could be rated even higher.

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In turn, with the mature and sensible Goat by its side, the insecure Crab always feels so much stronger, so much more in control, and gains such a lot in personal poise and confidence.

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