Chat lines 8297

Posted by / 12-Mar-2020 03:36

Chat lines 8297

If you have read the Community Guidelines (which you should have), then one of the first couple of rules are no chat rooms allowed, at all.

You are allowed to use other things, like Skype, or Chatzy, but you can't use Scratch as a chat room.

I know I may sound like a mod here, but no, but I am hoping I do become one someday.

A long time ago, when I was accepted to be an alpha tester, I decided to create my own chat room, called Scratchat.

However, I did add a mute/ban/censor (and some moderators) feature which I'm sure helped my situation.

With Math Wizz's censor project, I think if people were to add it to their chatroom projects, I think it would be more acceptable.

While I will agree that chat projects should be restricted, I don't think they should be entirely forbidden either.

26,000 active Scratchers a week makes for a lot of chats to read - so it's more than just a matter of reviewing logs.With the all new Scratch 2.0 right around the corner, everyone is super excited about cloud variables, and what you can do with them.When creating these variables, the Scratch Team had to go over a difficult question, how do we make it so that people can't make chat rooms.As some of you may know, the variables allow you to do just that.The Scratch Team has not come out fully and said how they will prevent chats from happening, but in the time being, please do not create chat rooms.

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Then i do evil thinkgs and the real cool_dude_2 gets banned from scratch…It's hard to find something, what helps Personaly i think chat rooms should, like any other project, be encouraged to grow On any sort of scratch app using chat maybe you can make a “disclaimer sprite” warning that this app contains chat.