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Cobie smulders neil patrick harris dating

It's a pretty great theory, and could go some way towards explaining just why Barney was always just that little bit too extreme, especially considering it was never a secret that Ted wasn't exactly the most reliable narrator of all time.But still, there are a few holes in it – and they mostly prove that even if Ted was exaggerating some details, chances are Barney was actually (mostly) as jerk-like as he was portrayed.

"I think that that's very accurate," Harris told Digital Spy.

"Given the story structure, and with [Ted] telling the story to his kids, everything was able to be overdrawn." He even cited an example within the show – from season five's 'The Rough Patch' – where future Ted admits to exaggerating how badly Barney and Robin have let themselves go during a stagnant period in their relationship.

"There's the crazy things, like when Barney and Robin started dating, and they get tired of each other; in that episode, Barney had gained 75lb, and Robin had her hair falling out and had gaps between her teeth!

See more » During a flashback scene supposedly taking place in '2005' Barney uses his i Phone, which was not released until 2007, and which the character did not have until his 2007 Season 3 time line.

See more » Plot In A Paragraph: After Ted wakes up to discover that he got a butterfly tattoo on his lower back while drunk, he sees a dermatologist to have it removed.

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So Ted's revisions of the characters are, for sure, proven." That said, Harris would like it to be known that he objects to his character being described as a jerk, however the 'real' Barney might have behaved...

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