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It’s so tough to impress attendees these days, won’t you agree?

That feeling of ‘seen it, done it’ it’s always lingering around. Our boss demands them, our attendees want them, our sponsors crave them.

Find a sponsor or company to match the donation amount that you raise so that you can immediately double it.

This incentivizes guests to donate more as they know it will be worth twice as much as they give.

The show is customizable and can include a painting to deliver a message or incorporate your brand along with the entertainment.

Getting the audience to empathize with your cause can be a challenge. Let’s look first at some strategies to tackle the ever-changing world of fundraising events, then we will share some of the most effective event ideas out there.

Tim Decker will bring his high energy, fast-paced speed painting performance to your next corporate event.

Engage your crowd with this unique, exciting corporate entertainment.

Incentivize this further by introducing a split where the tickets are placed into a bowl and the prize is half of the amount raised by the ticket sales. From cakes and food to clothing or nearly new items, bring to buy are highly popular for fundraisers.

It prompts others to have a declutter or get creative while working towards a good cause at the same time.

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Rather than a free bar, the sponsor agrees to match whatever was made in drinks and donate to a charity.

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