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Crazy dating voicemail

Many of these women truly live in their own worlds that have nothing to do with objective reality. She’s tired of chasing Mark; yet she keeps chasing him. “” Many these types threaten to “move on” or to never call or text again and then do so shortly thereafter.Why do they threaten you with abandonment — especially after you’ve already ended the relationship? I guess you’re telling me you don’t want this anymore.Just substitute phone trouble for computer trouble, car trouble, plumbing trouble, moving, etc., etc. Demands and threats haven’t worked, so now it’s a tearful, “.” Make no mistake, this is still a threat and one of the sickest, most abusive things this kind of woman can do. But since you’re not calling, I guess I need to assume you don’t want to work things out.” Her logic is convoluted at best. These messages are disturbing and a very good example of how quickly this kind of woman’s emotions and tactics can shift.

This is a great example of that hell breaking loose.

I hope you enjoy my personal pain as much as my friends have. (*If you’re reading/listening to this at work, please turn down the volume or put on a headset.

Psycho ex-girlfriend has a potty mouth): Voicemail 1: 02/03/01 pm. Crazy is the one harassing Mark, but in this woman’s mind, he’s torturing her.

Ahh, the dulcet sounds of the jilted, angry, narcissisticly injured female. These types, more often than not, get things backwards.

She claims she’s tired of chasing Mark while she continues to chase him. This is a good example of how these women do not respect other people’s boundaries.

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