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Dating 2 girls in persona 4

Upholding respectable outward behavior would mean being married, having children and having a respectable job, but what ones does in their sexual lives is not harshly judged.

For example, Braid had an incredibly adult storyline, even though it didn't deal with sexuality." So far, not many developers have chosen to tackle topics such as a character's sexual orientation in their titles.

"Most American gamers will assume he is gay, especially if they are not aware of Japan's cultural differences and the subtleties of their interactions," says Colette Bennett, Japanese RPG enthusiast and editor at consumer weblog Destructoid.

Brenda Brathwaite, game designer, professor, and author of Sex in Video Games has an altogether different perspective: "It would have been amazing if they would have made a concrete statement that he is gay.

Because there is no legislation relating to homosexual sex, it's not a hot-button social or moral issue in Japan like it is in America.

Many Japanese gay men resist the Western notion of "gay rights" because sexuality is not thought of in terms of what is right or wrong, but rather as play or something people may choose to engage in if they wish.

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That we could play as a gay main character in a video game would be a big deal." Says Brathwaite, "I can find twenty things that I didn't like about how Kanji was portrayed, such as the game's juvenile nature in dealing with his sexuality, but there is a part of me that is thrilled there is a gay character in a game and that a game would portray how they are dealing with their inner struggles and interactions with friends." That Kanji's character comes to American gamers through a Japanese game is not surprising.

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