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Posted by / 10-Jun-2020 22:28

I have however been facing unusual misunderstandings and disappointments when flirting with German men, likely due to cultural differences.

‘Even now in 2016, Angela Merkel is only liked by half of the country’ details one German when talking about pride in one of the world’s strongest economies.

Playing the game of seduction with a German man: Mission impossible?

It seems to me that dating a German guy is a complicated and long process as is memorizing the word "Geschlechtsverkehr", which basically means "sex".

My method of seduction is always to show interest by joking and playing ambiguously.

In Germany, subtily showing your interest leads straight into the Berlin wall and showing your excitement is likely to make him disappear from the radar screens.

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As in any relationship between two human beings love is beautiful but complicated.

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