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“Their winter was our summer, and they would always come to South Africa, looking for kids that replicated the German look,” he recalls. He didn’t think much about girls, and he definitely didn’t think much about modeling. He shaved that beautiful blond hair twice, for rugby and cricket initiations.

“It kind of worked out in my favor.” He still remembers the ideal height for a child model in South Africa: 148 cm. By 20, the acne was long gone and the hair was back with a luscious vengeance.

Every year she said no, but the sun bleached it blond anyway.Hopwood had abs you could climb like a ladder, and a girlfriend.He went to Hong Kong for two months for his first big modeling trip.“My earnings after two months of slaving away there was half what I’ve earned in one day in New York.I had fun, but I was away from my family and my first girlfriend at the time—we had just started dating.

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