Dating a sagittarius guy

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Dating a sagittarius guy

Go to places and do the things none of you has visited or done before.

Try new restaurants, take short trips, and surprise her in any way you think is apt; you’ll get to see how much fun she can be.Indulge The Intellect They are also philosophical and quite intellectual; striving for knowledge.On your date, don’t be a dumbo or a bimbo, but try and engage them with intellectually infused conversations. Keeping the general traits that come to Sagittarius people naturally, if you can put in a little effort yourself to deal with their perfections and tackle their flaws, then dating them will be a breezy affair.Frequent changes don’t bother them much; rather, it’s the monotonous routine that tires them out, eventually the need for the above rocketing sky high.On your next date and subsequent dates, try accommodating some sort of adventure or fun rather than replicating the traditional.

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Put forth your opinion but don’t shy away from supporting.

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