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We’ve searched all categories and have included stacks, combos and heads, as well as both budget and premium models. Gallien-Krueger is known for making niche solutions which almost always hit their mark.

Their MB Fusion head packs a whopping 500 Watts of power, which wouldn't be all that fascinating if this head wasn't only 4 lb in weight.

Speaking of tone, Ampeg has configured the speaker cab to be more focused on the lower end of the range.

Combined with a decently sized port, this 4x10 cab rocks.

It's fair to say that MB Fusion is currently one of the best heads available.

Ampeg’s SVT-7PRO stack that comes with their SVT-410HLF speaker cabinet is one of the hottest stacks on the market right now.

The first amp in Ampeg’s Portaflex series was the B-15, a 2-channel tube amplifier with per-channel volume controls and shared Baxandall-type tone control, housed within a ’flip-top’ tuned-port cabinet design mounted to a dolly.

Shortly after the B-15’s introduction in 1960, it became the most popular bass amp in the world.

However, the best thing about the SVT-7PRO is just just how versatile this head actually is.When it comes to the differences between bass and guitars, there are many – from strings and pickups to tones and techniques.Of course, this also means bass amplifiers are a bit different from their electric guitar counterparts.However, its light nature and decent power output are not what makes the MB Fusion so attractive.Gallien-Krueger has packed this thing with three 12AX7 tubes in the preamp stage.

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Last Updated: Apr-28-2019 In our recent refresh of this bass amp chart, we decided to add two new models to replace the one amp we removed (the Markbass Blackline Little Mark 250).

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