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Dating bardou telescopes

He is credited with inventing the achromatic lens, for which he received a Royal patent in 1763.

Dollond telescopes were among the most popular in England and abroad for more than 150 years. Another sailed with Captain Cook to observe the Transit of Venus in 1769.

The objective lens measures 1 5/8 inches in diameter.

The eyepiece contains its original sliding dust cover.

Overall a very, very fine example of this type of long glass approximately 125 years old at a super bargain price. The internal optics also produce both a reticle for tracking the target and a built-in degree scale. The body of the telescope is housed in a rich Moroccan leather covering in like new condition.The large twin objective lenses measure 2 ½ inches in diameter and are 5 inches wide overall. The binoculars focus by turning a ribbed ivory knob in the center, extending from 4 5/8 inches closed to a full 6 1/8 inches. The all original lenses combine to produce a stereoscope image of great clarity with good magnification and light gathering capability. The main body is of ivory inset with powerful lenses. What is especially nice is the periscope is contained in its original dovetailed oak carrying box (crate) measuring 4 feet long and 13/2 inches wide. There are substantial fold-down handles for carrying on each end. 949 We have seen a similar telescope mounted through the roof of a Cape Cod home allowing the owners to take in the surrounding scenery from the comfort and privacy of their living room! A very rare original example of the proud inventions coming out of the fledgling American industrial giant in the second half of the 1800’s. Around 1870, while living in Providence, Rhode Island he developed and began manufacturing a high quality kaleidoscope with the help of his wife.The gilt brass frames secure the lenses within the solid ivory bodies. Remarkably these old binoculars show relatively little cracking expected of such a medium about 150 years old. The original satin-line leather carrying case is also in remarkable condition, complete with original carrying strap. Undoubtedly of French manufacture, this exceptional pair, befitting a queen, is of the highest order we have ever seen in our 40 years in this business. The oculars are decoratively turned of solid ivory. It is a Bush kaleidoscope, widely recognized as the best of its kind ever made. His output was deemed “extraordinary” and his kaleidoscopes quickly found world-wide demand. One was for “new and useful objects for the object box.” Another was for his four-legged stand which could be disassembled for transport. By 1875 Bush was credited with having made 5,000 such instruments before he and his wife moved to Claremont, New Hampshire. Very scarce World War I vintage military binoculars made for the “Signal Corps U. Of added interest and value is the very high quality compass in the lid, showing the cardinal and intercardinal points of the compass marked in 5 degree increments. .” This large single draw telescope retains all original optics consisting of the achromatic objective lens for which Dollond was famous, and the 4 element erecting system lenses. On the ocular end it is marked “Military Stereo 6 x 30” on the left and “U. Naval Gun Factory Optical Shop Annex, Rochester, N. The binoculars retain their original leather carrying strap and are complete with their very nice heavy leather case with spring-loaded closure. The leather is in unusually nice condition considering it is over 100 years old.

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The draws pull in and out with a smooth, tight fit.

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