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People prepare for this important occasion by performing acts of penance and purification, cleansing, repairing and adorning the temple, and inviting the gods and family ancestors to attend the festival, which may last about three days.Several priests may be enlisted to perform the various rituals of the Chiao Festival, some of which are carried out in private.Rites of passage serve as a test for the new member.

Men as a sense of strength, and women as a sense of belonging.In a region that has been the birthplace and ruin to countless empires and gods, the Kurdish people have remained.This instinct to persist -no matter the difficulty- is something I document in my work.Many movies also depict the rite of passage, such as , where young men must prove they are strong warriors.Many of the tribal rites of passage have been lost in modern society, and this is part of the reason why men, in general, lack the direction and strength of our tribal ancestors.

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It instills the values of the social tribe into that person.