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Dating daegu

Dalseong Park features large swaths of grass perfect for having a picnic in the summer or viewing the changing colors of the leaves in the fall and numerous paths to peacefully walk hand in hand with your sweetheart while taking in the sights.Aside from the park's natural beauty, it also sports a small (and completely free) zoo featuring elephants, tigers, bears, lions and other exotic animals.With its 400,000 square meters you can spend as long as you want strolling around the beautifully designed gardens and streets, and when you get tired of doing that (as if you would) you can try out any of the 31 rides the park offers.However, no matter how beautiful E-World itself is, the cherry on the cake has got to be 83 Tower, which you can access easily from the park itself.We always like to begin with the best singles nightlife a city has to offer before moving on to where to try and meet single Daegu girls during the day and your best online dating option.

No, E-World's real dating potential lies in its beautiful location nestled into the greenery of Duryu park and overlooked by Daegu's 83 Tower and its brilliant night time decorations that were clearly conceived of with only one goal in mind: making you feel butterflies in your stomach.

If you know of any new trendy clubs that opened up recently or if any of the info here is out of date please let us know in the comments.

You can use this link to start chatting with single Korean women online now, the more date nights you can set up the more likely you are to hook up.

If you can't get your date to like you even after visiting these amazing places, perhaps you're just not with the right person man.

But either way, you will have spent a great day in Daegu which is a reward in and of itself, right?

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Accompanying this romantic atmosphere are dozens of cute cafés, restaurants and stores lining the alley on one side, giving you plenty of chances to sit down with a warm cup of cocoa on a cold night, buying something cute for your date or grab a bite to eat while slowly strolling down the alley.

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