Dating disasters to avoid

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Dating disasters to avoid

Staying calm, cool, and collected is the best thing you can do, and ABC Lock & Key is happy to help.

The dating blunders and disasters might seem like the source of groans and embarrassment, but all can be avoided.

If you’re reading this, you’re thinking about doing it too.

So here is a simple “how to” guide to avoid your next dating disaster.

For the emergency locksmith services at ABC Lock & Key are here to make sure your date continues smoothly.

Give us a call, see what we can do, and grab a coffee or a glass of wine with that special someone while waiting for us to arrive.

Your date will probably appreciate not being exposed to any germs—although their first concern should always be your well-being.

Keys rarely get lost in convenient circumstances, but fear not!

On a first date, or in the early stages of dating, talking about the ex might be something to put on the back burner, or bring up in a lighter manner.

A true dating blunder is grabbing dinner with someone who only talks about their ex—this is a solid indicator that they’re not completely over everything, and there’s a good chance they’re not ready to move on.

Make sure the person you’re on a date with knows you’re focused on them.

A first date is probably not the time to talk about an ex, or at least not in detail.

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Stay tuned for our blog on making your date super great—you might just unlock some excellent advice in the process.

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