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Gillette's invention, conceived – he claimed – in 1895, was indeed a true innovation – a razor with a thin, two-edged flexible blade intended to be discarded when dull. Designs were also patented in France, England and undoubtedly elsewhere.Advertisements proudly proclaimed , and he undoubtedly did not have the time to invent a less diabolical shaving instrument. Between 1864 and December 1901, when Gillette submitted his patent application, over 100 razor guard or safety razor patents were applied for and granted by the U. Here is a sampling, in more or less chronological order, of a few of Gillette's predecessors up to the invention of the Kampfe Star razor in 1880, the first razor to be called a 'safety.' We owe a debt to the .I was so pleased with it that I exhibited it to the distinguished tonsors of Burlington Arcade, half afraid that they would assassinate me for bringing in an innovation which bid fair to destroy their business. I determined to let other persons know what a convenience I had found the "Star Razor" of Messrs.Kampf [], of Brooklyn, New York, without fear of reproach for so doing. It is pure good-will to my race which leads me to commend the Star Razor to all who travel by land or by sea, as well as to all who stay at home.” The Star blade still required stropping prior to each use and occasional skillful honing.Inspired by a carpenter's plane, it consisted of a wooden sleeve that enclosed the blade of an ordinary folding straight razor, allowing only a small portion of the edge to protrude, thus preventing one from accidentally slicing off a portion of one's ear while shaving.Perret made and sold his razor guard but apparently did not patent it.(peaceful or pacific razor) was illustrated in a German trade journal and said to be a new idea from England. in England and sold by Johann Christoph Roder in Leipzig, Germany.

The razor was made by Michael Price, a well-known San Francisco cutler and importer. But instead of wood, it was made of “thin elastic metal … A simple design, it could be made from a single piece of sheet metal. (1855-1932) were born in Saxony in eastern Germany.

Henson specifically says that he does not claim as new “the use or adaptation of a guard or protector to the ordinary razor,” but does claim a new method of attaching the guard.

Henson's guard appears to extended slightly below the the blade edge.had a detachable, non-reversible toothed guard secured by a single screw within a slot in the top of the guard .

At the time Kinloch was in Regiment 71, Company K of the Pennsylvania Infantry.

As part of the Union Army of the Potomac the 71st took part in some of the largest battles of the Civil War including Antietam (1862) and Gettysburg (1863).

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I picked up a GEM Micromatic at an antique store yesterday for $5.

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