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The women there have numerous skills to teach you, like producing soap or Bedouin weaving!Click here for more info: Jordanians are very energetic with regards to social interaction.On this way you’re sure to not show any cleavage, whether it’s on the front or the back!Jordanians also eat with their right hand, as the left one is for the toilet.Especially with locals and tourists, different ways of clothing often lead to misunderstandings.If you show too much skin it can come across as disrespectful and offensive in Jordan.In the Middle East, most women are staying at home, taking care of the family and children instead of having a career of their own.However, many women actually go to university (and even more so than boys) but once married don’t work in their profession.

As opposed to in the West, if you show interest in an object your host is supposed to give it to you!You will also notice that Jordanians pay more attention to dress well than people in the West.You would rarely see someone walking down the street in scruffy looking clothes!We welcome you on Mate4all Jordan where you can find thousands of singles seeking soul-mate, and dating partners from Jordan.Mate4has became a global symbol for free online dating website because almost every site of it's class asks for your credit card but here you get whatever you ever desired for and that is absolutely 100%.

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Greeting the wife could be interpreted as showing too much interest.

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