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I had the opportunity to catch up with the pioneer of speed dating in Istanbul and her First Sight Date organization, which is now making romantic and friend connections all over the country.First Sight Date is a speed dating organization based in Istanbul organized by Yasemen Aydın, a self-described "entrepreneur, technology geek and dog lover," who lived in the States for a good decade.I asked Yasemen if there were ever any foreigners who came to her speed dating events and she exclaimed, "We have hosted so many foreigners, expats and international students! 18, Yasemen and her team head to Izmir for a speed dating event at 8 p.m. 20, there will be another speed dating event for those aged 24 to 32 starting at 8 p.m. As is standard practice, the venues where the events are held are only disclosed at the last minute and only to those attending.Some of the professions of our attendees are medicine, engineering, entrepreneurship, teaching, marketing, advertising, law and design and this is just what I can remember now but everyone who attends speak English," she assured. "We try to pick places that are cozy and close to the public transportation because many people come after work.While speed dating seemed to me a great idea in theory when I pitched the idea for this article, I am not so sure now.

Once people here experience how good it feels to socialize and connect with new people, they understand that speed dating is a “social experience” and is very different from sitting on your couch swiping Tinder.

Just think how many hours it would take you to meet 20 pre-screened candidates personally in Istanbul, how many metro rides and traffic-jammed busses you would avoid, how much you would save on wine, dinners and coffee!

Expatica is the international community’s online home away from home.

Yasemen explains, “We need to connect with other people, we are humans! We all rely so heavily on the internet to meet our social needs. It’s an opportunity for single people to actually talk face-to-face.

You get a pretty good shot at meeting at least one person you like, or even making a good business connection.

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