Dating jaguar guitars

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Dating jaguar guitars

It was designed as a guitar for the surfing generation.Since then it has become a favourite of indie bands who want to carve their own sounds with the Jaguar's unique set of controls and circuits.

The Jaguar has a sound that is similar to that of a Stratocaster but with a tiny bit less body.All guitars sound at least a little bit different but we'd say they are largely the same for most of the sounds.The Strat has it's 'quacky' in-between sounds and the Jag has its multitude of switching options.Beautiful guitar...wonder why he play without the trem arm though. I'd say a little later, maybe 63 or 64...afaik matching headstocks weren' t yet all that common by 62.Beautiful guitar...wonder why he play without the trem arm though. Good Deals: Jaguar018-Skip-Scotty66-Noirengineer-Panoramic-Soundhack-Tribi9-Stereordinary-Dug-Ginnungagap-Loomer-Eupat-Fender Bob-Franco-AWSchmit-Peter Herman-Tweedle Dee-Diceman-Prospect-Danocaster-Glimmertwin-Jetset-Staytuned-ukfuzz-Aen-Atomicmassunit-MT,etc Since everyone else has covered your question, I'm gonna be 'that guy' and say that his tone wouldn't have altered to the point of anyone noticing if there were 1969 pickups, 1962 pickups or even MIJ pickups.

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The Jaguar's unique set of controls and circuits makes this fun! One famous user is ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, who has his own signature model.