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Dating matt lanter

His fans are literally kissing his ass over the fact that he's christian, with so many posts like this [email protected] Lanter so awesome to see another Christian and Hollywood lifting up Jesus name! If anything, those pics simply corroborated early rumors.Those of us who have followed his career since Bravo's Manhunt have done our research.There is a lot more that could be stated here, but again, that was all discussed in the last thread.[quote] quite a few folks on various message boards who supposedly worked in the industry alluded to him not being straight You'll forgive me if I find that less than compelling. And I don't think saying he is gay is a sign of dislike.If the photos were a real screencap where did the logos come from?But this guy brings his "fiance" and poses with her like she's a celeb in her own right? Coming from that devout (possibly fundie) Christian background of his, and that mid-western/southern upbringing, along with what his family may be like (I remember on Bravo's Manhunt when the guys had to do a bit of drag, he was SUPER insecure and said his parents would kill him)... Once the Dudetube images surfaced (shortly right after that very site opened their own free private video chatroom for the sites users), his team went on a crackdown, mainly targeting gay sites, banning him completely from being posted and/or talked about on such sites.Just Jared even put the fiance's name in the page title like she's some sort of celeb. I think he's deeply closeted or in-denial because internally he probably can't deal with it. Does he know any goods about these young Hollywood types like Mr. Then he got 90210, started to be more open about his religion, etc.

They also don't usually bring them on the red carpet to be photographed either. Ones higher up on the tree like say Timberlake can afford extreme privacy. A picture from the 'fiance's' instagram (when she accompanied him to NYC for the CW upfronts (of which NO other stars usually take personal 'significant others' to that kind of industry event) -"NYC bound with the hottest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on @mattlanter"Matt wants an acting career in Hollywood even if its just on TV and not movies the trade off is getting married and doing the Christian schtick for as long as it is required. There has been YEARS of information about him, going back to those who worked on the first reality show he started on.If things don't work out with Naomi, who's next on his list? They're always sending us back and forth between different girls! It would depend on the story and how they do it." How long do you see the show running for?"This is not official, but I'm pretty sure that we're going to season three. That's why I said it's the accumulation of quite a bit of early talk, industry contacts, people close to what used to be his old circle of friends (the gay/bi crew he more so rolled with before he switched to the devout Christian group now), etc. There's been quite a bit of 'smoke' with him since the beginning, and it's pretty much all led in the same direction......As for the Dudetube screencaps, they appeared right after the site opened their own free video chatroom.

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Everything is about - "the love of my life", " the best thing that ever happened to me", "hottest guy in hollywood", "Man in Christ" , etc. Some men are ashamed of being gay even when they have no reason to be. yet it's because of society and assholes like yourself that people don't have the guts to come out. We have all the reasons to think so, there's been a lot of rumors surrounding him for years, including the Dudetube pics and his model show all those years ago. #blessed @angelastacy Jxnxlfj/Love my husband!! ❤ @Matt Lanter: Woke up this morning with an ocean view and a new bride. The gangs headed over in a little bit to help Matt and his new bride consummate their special marriage.