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Dating meatloafs daughter

The finished result had fabulous flavor – but the texture was off.The cheese didn’t melt as they expected and gave the dessert almost a curdled consistency. Ideas that come to mind – an Italian style “bread salad”, maybe a tomato salad, a bruschetta or something cheesy and crunchy baked with those shortcakes.If they’re piling ingredients on top of the shortcake, I’d hope they dress up the shortcake in some way.There’s many directions to go with these ingredients.

Truth be told, I’m always a little shocked by how excited my kids get when I make meatloaf. Isn’t there a rule somewhere that kids aren’t supposed to like it?

The sweet ketchup-based glaze that goes on the top is optional.

We love to serve meatloaf with baked potatoes and broccoli or green beans.

This was a day for the girls to get together, hang out and have fun. As in “Chopped”, the main focus here was to transform these ingredients into something – not just pile them all together and call it a dish. When judging we kept it fair and simple with no room for debate. This was a lot of fun and I was beyond impressed with how creative everyone was in the kitchen.

The girls did an awesome job working together to create some fab food!

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