Dating origins polyploidy events

Posted by / 12-Jul-2020 10:53

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The γ whole genome triplication event occurred after the divergence of Ranunculales [11], then placed precisely before the separation of Gunnerales but after the divergence of Buxales and Trochodendrales by more detailed analyses [12].In monocots, echoing the α-β-γ WGD series in Arabidopsis, the Oryza and other grass genomes have also experienced three recurrent polyploidy events, constituting the ρ-σ-τ WGD series [21,22,23], where the τ event was estimated to have occurred before the separation of Arecaceae and Poaceae, the recurrent ρ and σ WGD events took place after τ.Two polyploidy events were discovered in the genome of oil palm (Elaeis guneensis, Arecaceae) which correspond to the p-τ WGD events [21, 22, 24,25,26].As a sister lineage to angiosperms, the first conifer genome in Norway spruce (Picea abies), reported the presence of a WGD with a Ks peak at ~ 1.1, but somehow overlooked another peak consistent with a WGD near Ks ~ 0.25 [27].A more recent systemic study in conifers identified two WGD events in the ancestry of the major conifer clades (Pinaceae and cupressophyte conifers) and in Welwitschia (Gnetales) [28].

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