Dating outside jehovah witnesses

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Dating outside jehovah witnesses

He invited me into his densely furnished office, where a fan barely dispelled the wafting smell of cat food.He pulled an envelope from the Priority Mail box and passed me its contents, a mixture of typed and handwritten letters discussing various sins allegedly committed by members of a Jehovah’s Witness congregation in Massachusetts.All the letters in the box had been stolen by an anonymous source inside the religion and shared with Mark.

The organization was concerned about the legal risk posed by possible child molesters within its ranks. —and mail it to Watchtower’s headquarters in a special blue envelope.

In 1968, just after Mark was born, Jerry and Susan were group-baptized in a swimming pool in Washington, D. Mark was an only child, and he inherited his father’s peculiar love of record-keeping.

Mark would show up to meetings at the Kingdom Hall with a briefcase full of religious texts.

Soon after, he became known to ex–Jehovah’s Witnesses as John Redwood, an activist and a blogger who reports on the various controversies, including cases of child abuse, surrounding Watchtower.

(Recently, he has begun using his own name.)When I first met Mark, in May of last year, he appeared at the front door of his modest home in the same outfit he nearly always wears: khaki cargo shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, white sneakers, and sweat socks pulled up over his calves.

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A white Priority Mail box filled with manila envelopes sits on the floor of Mark O’Donnell’s wood-paneled home office, on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland.