Dating scamer black list

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He also declares on his main page that the correspondence with ladies are through convenient internal mail-system of his site.

This fraudulent internal system is ONLY convenient for the owner and his scam business.

To my information or knowledge, other companies were also defrauded by Thomas Lautenbach.

She then asks for money (in my case 0.00) to help her get the required travel documents.

Scammer sends unsolicited email saying she received your email address from a dating site.

Scammer outlines that she lives with her parents and sister in an apartment.

To view her scam profile on myrussianlady24 / viktoriyasagentur / viktoriyasagency This scammer has copied and placed an anti-scam website's banner on his main pages to look like legitimate and trustworthy ....... We caution all men to avoid these websites at all costs.

it is one big basket of fraud, thieves and scammers.

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Just for you to know, his pseudo at Ebay is gangster-5000.

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