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I have known a few samonan guys who think going out with white chicks is triumphant.You seem like a very intelligent samoan guys, and I agree with the entirety of your comment.I am male and I would like to contribute something here.

Dating Locals Alisa says: It is rare for Samoan men to date foreigners, as the majority of foreign women come to Samoa to work at international organizations.

Lance turned out to be the bar manager and had been in relationships with only Palagi women before meeting and marrying his Samoan wife five years ago.

I was surprised that in this day and age, these attitudes still existed.

2) Another one is situated at Lauofo Meredith Building, mobile: 685 7621327) Substantial work in women’s health, contraception and abortion is also done by The Samoan Family Health Association in Apia. You can make an appointment with her at: Lauofo Meredith Building Matautu, Apia Phone: 685 7621327 Email: [email protected] Breastfeeding Alisa says: It is completely unacceptable to breastfeed in public.

Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors Alisa says: Dr Monalisa Punivalu is an experienced gynecologist- she’s on the U. Breastfeeding is considered a private and intimate matter.

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