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Dating sites for people wwith ibs

It is also something that needs a longterm approach.Vikram's Karanth said: "It is not a new-onset disorder."We have to see whether it is in fact IBS or if it is a disorder mimicking IBS symptoms, such as inflammatory bowel disease, which can even lead to cancer.So, once we're sure that it's not a serious disease — which can be done through some blood tests and if necessary, colonoscopy and endoscopy — we counsel the patients, help them understand the disorder, prescribe medicines and advise them to make lifestyle changes," said Karanth."We cannot diagnose a patient with IBS the first time he or she comes in.We try different medications for the symptoms, and if the patient doesn't get better over a period of time, we then consider IBS. According to Sreenivasa, the symptoms can persist even for years.

It is a disorder that is seen mostly among people under 40 years and people in their twenties are more susceptible to it, said Dr Sreenivasa D, chief gastroenterologist, Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru. The exact cause for IBS is unknown and it could occur due to several factors, said Dr Krishna Kumar, founder, Keva Ayurveda, Bengaluru.

Underlying sensitive bowel, genetic makeup and family history play a large part in determining who develops the disorder.

Stress and certain types of foods precipitate IBS." SYMPTOMS One of the most common digestive problems that the working population in the country suffers from is bloating and constipation, and these can be symptoms of IBS too.

People with IBS are, in layman's terms, wired that way, said Dr Dheeraj Karanth, consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist, Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru.

"Those who have a genetic disposition will develop symptoms if exposed to stressful situations over the long term.

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