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But successfully dating someone with BPD requires more than knowing it is possible or receiving validation that it can be hard—it requires understanding exactly how the illness affects someone’s perception of themselves and their interactions with partners. Tasha Rube is a Licensed Master Social Worker in Missouri.She received her MSW from the University of Missouri in 2014.

It seemed stupid to limit ourselves when we were so young.

But if you’re dating someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, it is probably at once familiar and remarkable; the deep stigma attached to BPD—and specifically having relationships with someone who has BPD—makes stories of intact relationships all too rare.

Hearing someone else share your struggles and negotiate the realities of the illness can be both comforting and illuminating.

It's not like a "thing"; I'm not out on some crusade to be single.

It just happens that I'm not dating, and I'm not especially going out of my way to change that.

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I don't ever see myself dating online or using a dating app, not that there's anything bad about doing that.