Dating someone with opposite political views

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Dating someone with opposite political views

The wild child can remind the proper one that life isn’t all about getting to the next step, but also about enjoying the ride.

If the latter is the case, you could end up feeling resentful when your partner does something for you that you couldn’t do for yourself, instead of accepting your weaknesses and just feeling grateful that he/she fills in the blanks for you.You supplement one another’s strengths If you’re the social one and he is shy, you can carry the conversation on double dates for the two of you.If he is the one with business savvy, he can take the lead on financial decisions for the two of you.Eventually, you can show more and more of your true colors. Under the guise of, “Well, this person loves me, and they want me to do this, so it must be okay…” you might end up doing something that just goes against who you are and your morals.You might do things you never thought you could Your partner might inspire you and give you the courage to do things you never thought you could, like start your own company or go sky diving. Your partner might push you to try a drug, get a tattoo, go to a Scientology meeting…He/she may leave you feeling like you betrayed yourself.

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You can pick up where the other one leaves off, and be grateful to one another for it.