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Dating stella harmony guitars

You must click thru to the original Craigslist postings.

This seller is offering one of the later versions of the Stella/Harmony H929 with the "cowboy style" pickguard (possibly an H-6128) If you've never owned one of these and you play fingerstyle they are fun to have.

Hot Rodding Your Harmony or Kay (and getting your historic Oscar Schmidt to play and sound as good as it should) Most of us have owned a Harmony or Kay during our playing careers – a fondly remembered first guitar, or maybe a good looking but difficult playing, boxy sounding tank.

The joke is “It’s a good guitar for slide”, meaning that the action is way too high to play comfortably, but there’s this just below the surface, potentially huge, crude, wooden tone floating around inside.

You’d have it sitting next to you now as you read this.

It’s a long, detailed story of how I figured out how to turn a clunker with potential into an inspirational axe, but let’s keep it short.

They were some mythical entity, something you’d read about or hear talked about, but few seemed to have actually laid eyes on an authentic one.Old Strads that are being played with modern steel strings have been drastically modified from their original configuration.300 years ago they were designed for sheep gut strings.I remove the braces, trim them down and configure them more like the old Schmidts, unleashing the sound from the top and back. There is a lot of structural and playability work to do also, reset the neck, re-enforce it with a carbon-fibre rod, replace the fingerboard with a piece of rosewood or ebony, and refret.A new bridge is usually needed, also fashioned from rosewood or ebony.

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I now convert other people’s guitars and also buy basket cases on spec, then redo and sell them. And the woodenness of the tone…absolute perfection.

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