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Spanish women can not be categorized with having any specific features because of the load of immigrants there. Their hair color and eyes are just as diverse depending on what part of Spain they are from. Half of Spain’s population is overweight however Spanish women are very proud of their full figures.

They tend to wear tight clothing and love to be feminine. There is a 94% chance that a Spanish woman is Catholic but only a 4% that she is active.

I know it might not seem like it but let me show you why: Have you ever heard the saying: ‘The beauty of being on the bottom is that the only way is up’? The reason I’m mentioning it is that it describes your situation perfectly. If you don’t feel like you’re worthy of a beautiful woman, then when you approach (see above point), there’s no way she’s going to go home with you so you don’t even need to try. You won’t just be another guy trying to convince her to give him her number.

If you don’t feel worthy of a beautiful woman, then you have nothing to lose by approaching her, complimenting her, sharing with her, laughing with her, or playing with her. She is never going to sleep with you, and you’ll never be able to convince her to sleep with you so give it up. You won’t be another guy who’s willing to sacrifice her standards, beliefs, and personality, just to get in her pants.

I’ve seen this mentioned on the forum more than once: “I can’t attract women because I have this deep seeded belief that I’m just not worthy of a beautiful woman. ” I started writing out a long article about the nature of beliefs and other such things, but I had a better idea. Even if she if it doesn’t work out and she leaves you for one of her friends, you’ve still had the pleasure of her time.

This one seemed like much more fun so I went with it instead 🙂 Enjoy. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain here. Not feeling like you’re worthy of a beautiful woman is an incredible gift because it means you have nothing to lose.

You’re forced to become the internally fulfilled, confident, and strong kind of Man that confident, radiant women are drawn to.

The best thing that will happen is that you become internally fulfilled and free and end up with a woman that you’re highly attracted to AND is very likely to make it on the cover of any Men’s magazine. You’ll be the guy who has something honest, real, and powerful to share with her.By not thinking you’re worthy of a beautiful woman, you’re already one step ahead of every guy who does because you’re THAT MUCH CLOSER to being the real, genuine, and powerful guy she’s looking for. It’ll just come out as whining about not being worthy and all that shit…” Great point. If you think you’re worthy of a beautiful woman, then you’re much more likely to rely on them to feel good about yourself.You’ll be free to share yourself with her and have that sharing be exciting, interesting, and attractive, rather than needy and dependent.In Conclusion There are FAR more benefits that come from not feeling like you’re worth than there are problems.

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There is a 50% chance that she enjoys drinking alcohol, and a small chance that she speaks English.

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